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With prototypes by Wehl & Partner

Vacuum casting

High-precision samples.
Zero series.
Series production parts.

A realistic prototype or perfect pilot run with seriesnear material properties in approx. 5 to 7 working days: The highly developed, cost-effective procedure of rapid prototyping greatly reduces product development times and allows weak points to be analyzed in advance. It also significantly cuts production costs.

With vacuum casting, we duplicate stereolitographically-made original models as well as modified serial parts, milled parts and bonded parts. The original models are used to create a silicone mould which is filled with PU resin. The resin then sets in the mould.

The result: Immaculate, high-quality parts and components that are extremely heat-resistant, glass fibre reinforced, transparent or rubbery and which are surface-treated and coloured in accordance with your requirements. We can also produce cast silicone parts.

  • 11 vacuum casting chambers with a size of up to 1m x 1m x 1m are available
  • Materials for plastic, rubber, and silicone
  • Temperature resistance of up to 200 ºC possible
  • Production of complex cast parts with inlay parts, e.g. strip conductors, inductors, cooling elements etc.
  • Small-scale cast series
  • Production of transparent cast parts
  • Colouring as required
  • Problem-free thread moulding
  • Production of 2-component parts
  • Surface treatments as required