The world of tomorrow
With prototypes by Wehl & Partner

Tool making and design

Pilot-run and small-scale series tools in rapid tooling. Electrical discharge machining (EDM).

Precision and perfect timing – Wehl customers have been benefiting from these signature characteristics for many years. We master challenging requirements of the production of pilot-run and small-scale series tools using the latest software at 8 CAD/CAM design workstations. Interfaces for many commonly used data formats are available.

This also enables computer-aided, really fast mould separation and electrode design. The electrodes are manufactured on our HSC graphite machine and are fully automatically burnt into the mould inserts.

Specific tasks such as undercuts are realized using loose parts. Our many years of experience and expertise are also used to produce multi-component parts and parts with insert-moulded inlays and strip conductors.

  • Service life at least approx. 1.000 – 10.000 parts
  • Multiple cavities and exchangeable inserts possible
  • Max. mould temperature of 160 ºC
  • Max. mould size of up to 470 mm (distance between tie bars)
  • Aluminium or steel mould inserts (can also be hardened)
  • Machines: Arburg,
    • Allrounder 221-75-350 (clamping force of 35 t)
    • 3 all-rounders 320-210-850 (locking force of 85 t)
    • Allrounder 370 M 1000-250 (clamping force of 100 t)
    • Allrounder 470 M 1300-350 (clamping force of 130 t)
    • Babyplast (locking force of 3 t)
  • Plastic granulates with a melting point of up to 350 °C can be processed
  • Dry-air granulate dryer available
  • Complex parts with inlays and undercuts possible
  • Part volumes of up to around 250 cm³
  • Materials can also be coloured