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With prototypes by Wehl & Partner

Perform tool inserts

Injection moulded parts within shortest time possible

The new stereolithography resin for tooling applications opens up a range of possibilities in additive production! For the first time, stereolithography parts can be produced with outstanding thermic and mechanical properties.

A high level of detail and a great surface quality make the perfect base for an all-new production process: The production of tool inserts for injection molding of prototypes within one week! An interesting alternative to milled tool inserts. Due to the high resistance, parts from common thermoplastics can be syringed with the stereolithograpically exposed applications – even glass fiber reinforced.

This is ideal for smaller components and quantities of about 20 pieces, depending on geometry and material. The molding of insert components is possible as well.

  • Genuine spray parameters
  • Heated forms
  • Temperature-resistent up to 260 °C
  • Construction space size 350 x 350 x 400 mm
  • High flexural modulus of 10.000 MPa
  • Molded parts of additively produced inserts
  • Output quantity approx. 20 pieces per tool
  • Delivery time approx. 5-9 work days