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The world of tomorrow
With prototypes by Wehl & Partner


Individual parts, small batch series, punched and bended parts, sheet metal parts, lightweight parts with biometric structures and tooling inserts with internal cooling systems made of metal – produced over night – are no longer a problem thanks to the direct metal laser sintering process. Additive Manufacturing at its finest!

Within a very short time it is possible to build complex geometries, shapes and movable prototypes based on CAD data using a powdery raw material – no further moulds needed.
The high-performance laser of our state of the art EOS machine melts the fine metal powder locally. Layer by layer a bubble free part of highest precision, high density and great mechanical properties is built.

Small tolerances, tight fits or sealing outlines can be reworked afterwards using either the CNC milling process or mechanical rework.

  • smallest possible wall thickness: approx. 0,5-0,6 mm
  • general tolerances: ± 0,15 mm per 100 mm (for parts without rework using CNC milling)
  • quick production of individual parts, small batch series as well as punched and bended parts
  • tooling inserts for Rapid Tooling
  • available materials:
    • Aluminium AlSi10Mg,
    • Tool steel MS1,
    • Stainless steel 316L,
    • NickelAlloy IN625
  • delivery times of approx. 3-4 working days after receipt of order (for parts without rework using CNC milling)
  • 1 machine DMG Lasertec 30 SLM with 600 W laser and a standard construction space of: 300x300x300 mm
  • 1 machine EOS M290 with a 400 W laser and a standard construction space of: 250x250x325 mm
  • 1 machine EOS M400-4 with 4x 400 W laser and a standard construction space of: 400x400x400 mm