The world of tomorrow
With prototypes by Wehl & Partner

3D-Print with poly jet process

Functional prototypes with high geometric precision.

Experience the product of tomorrow today: Directly from the CAD system, our 3D-printer shapes highquality, cost-effective prototypes or original models for subsequent processes by applying model material in layers. In no time at all, your idea becomes a tangible display object.

3D-printing is ideal for small, thin-walled and filigree components with complex geometries and really fine surface structures. Another advantage: If required, the surfaces can be ground and painted.

  • System: Objet Eden 350
  • Production tolerances of approx. ± 0.1 mm
  • Standard construction space sizes of: 342 x 342 x 200 mm
  • High level of detail accuracy and dimensional stability
  • Complex geometries and really fine structures
  • Easy mechanical machinability
  • Layer thickness of 0.016 mm
  • Delivery times of approx. 2-3 days following submission of data